Mr. Nguyen Van Phong speaking at the conference. (Photo: CPV)

After 5 years of implementing Directive 05-CT/TW, the bloc Party Committee, executive committees, grassroots party organizations have strongly changed from thinking to action in realizing tasks. Studying and following the ideology, morality and style of President Ho Chi Minh in combination with Party building and rectification. The responsibility of setting example has become regular, orderly and self-conscious job in activities of party cells.

The comprehensive results of agencies and units of the bloc have made important contribution to the successful implementation of the city’s political tasks, creating positive changes in Party building and rectification, improving the efficiency of operation of the Government. Many typical teams and individuals in following Uncle Ho have appeared.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Nguyen Van Phong hailed serious implementation of the Hanoi Agencies Bloc’s Party Committee in realizing Directive 05-CT/TW with the highlight of overcoming limitations of the previous term.

On the occasion, the Standing Board of the Hanoi Party Committee presented certificates of merit to 10 teams, 10 individuals; the Standing Board of the Bloc Party Committee presented certificates of merit to 10 teams and individuals for achievements in realizing Directive 05 over the past 5 years./.