Hanoi pedestrian street (Photo: VTV)

Accordingly, the capital in combination with provinces and cities nationwide will continue to launch promotional events to stimulate domestic tourism demand and create image of Hanoi and Vietnam as a safe and friendly destination where visitors’ health is secured.

In November, Hanoi City Department of Tourism in coordination with Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism and Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism of central provinces organize a forum to connect the central key economic region with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in developing tourist products, supporting each other in building and operating tours.

To encourage Vietnamese people to travel in Vietnam, the department has called upon destinations, accommodation facilities and travel agents to commit to offering discounts, building tourism products with Hanoi's specialties such as heritage, ecology, health care, tourism associated with cultural events, sports, and trade. Many tour operators said that as the airfare accounts for one-third of a tour cost, the domestic travelers will benefit from air carriers’ such discount programs.

Therefore, Hanoi City Tourism Corporation has continued to maintain connections with destinations in provinces and cities, service providers, including airlines, transportation vehicles, restaurants, and hotels to organize domestic promotional tours.

In addition, it has also cooperated with provinces and cities to organize seasonal tours such as the Western region - the flood season, Phu Quoc - the dry season, Con Dao - the spiritual tour at the end of the year.

The corporation has also cooperated with Ninh Binh tourism businesses to build a tour in which visitors can experience the process of moving the capital from Ninh Binh province’s Hoa Lu ancient capital to Hanoi’s Dai La citadel by King Ly Cong Uan.

According to Hanoi’s Department of Tourism, COVID-19 pandemic has caused serious impacts on the tourism sector, reducing an estimated 50-60% of total domestic tourists compared to the same period of last year, equivalent to 7.1 - 8 million visitors.

Recently, many tour operators in the capital have actively posted images and clips about Vietnam’s tourist destinations on social networks to attract visitors.

Moreover, to attract a large number of tourists in the future, the Hanoi People’s Committee will speed up the implementation of tourism development projects in the city, build high-quality tourist sites and develop new tourism products, such as medical tourism, healthcare, community-based agro-tourism, educational tourism and experience tourism for students./.