Leaders of Hanoi regularly checked the supply of goods at supermarkets, markets and shops. (Photo: nhandan.com.vn)

The city has directed businesses to continue increasing the maximum stock of goods to serve people and renew business forms (increasing online sales on e-commerce platforms, selling combos, mobile sales...). Some processing facilities in the area continue to increase their capacity to supply goods to distribution systems.

The Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade has coordinated with districts, towns and cities to review the supply of goods in the area, and grasp the people's demand for agricultural products and food to direct the purchasing and distribution systems to help consumers.

Currently, businesses and localities increase the opening of more selling points. VinShop system has put into operation 800 essential selling points in 30 districts and towns.

The Department of Industry and Trade is also coordinating with the Hanoi Post Office to open 472 essential selling points. Districts and towns have developed plans to organize sales points, in which each precinct and commune will organize at least one more selling point, and places with no market will have 2 or more selling points.

Up to now, the city has 8,216 price-stabilized goods selling points that have been publicly listed by the Department of Industry and Trade to serve people. It is ready to activate 2,500 mobile sales points arranged by districts and towns./.