CPI drops slightly in the last month of the year. (Photo: CPV)

Generally, the average CPI of the whole 2020 rose by 2.67% against 2019. This is the lowest increase in recent years.

The price hike is due to restaurants and catering services soaring by 9.39% against 2019 (increasing the overall CPI by 2.91%).

The drugs and medical services group increased by 2.18% because from January 1, 2020, state medical facilities in Hanoi applied Resolution 14/2019/NQ-HDND of the city People’s Council on the issuance of regulations on prices for medical examination and treatment services that are not covered by the Health Insurance Fund.

The education group surged by 2.55% due to sharp increase in price of textbooks and school supplies, and adjustment of tuition prices of some public schools in the 2020-2021 school year according to the Government’s roadmap.

Housing, electricity, water, fuel and construction materials increased by 2.38% due to a rise of 3.22% in housing repair service prices, while electricity prices rose 6.2%.

The gold price index in December decreased by 0.35% from the previous month and the US dollar price index decreased by 0.16%./.