OCOP products introduced at agricultural fairs. (Photo: CPV)

On the basis of the implementation results in 2020, the Plan includes 8 main contents: Building a system to direct and implement the OCOP Program from city to grassroots levels; popularizing and raising awareness about the OCOP Program; training to improve the quality of resources; evaluating and classifying OCOP products; developing and upgrading OCOP products; organizing trade promotion activities for OCOP products; improving management capacity and experience in implementing the OCOP Program; and inspecting and supervising management subjects and maintaining and developing OCOP products.

The above contents aim to complete the goals and targets of Program 04 of the 17th city Party Committee on promoting the effective implementation of the National Target Program on building new-style rural areas associated with restructuring the agriculture sector and rural economic development, improving the material and spiritual life of farmers in the 2021-2025 period.

In 2021, the city strives to evaluate and classify products participating in the city-level OCOP Program in accordance with regulations. It also strives to have about 400 products ranked 3 stars or more and 10 potential 5-star products, and develop an additional 30-40 points introducing and selling OCOP products.

Notably, the city People’s Committee will direct relevant agencies and units to guide and support 1,054 products of 255 subjects which have been approved by the city./.