Hanoi strives to achieve 7.5-8% GRDP growth

Friday, 01/07/2022 16:00
(CPV) - The Hanoi People’s Committee has issued Plan 174/KH realizing the Government’s Action Program to carry out the National Assembly’s Resolution on the plan to restructure the economy.
Hanoi strives to achieve 7.5-8% GRDP growth 

In order to effectively implement the above action plan, the plan clearly defines the main goals and targets.

Accordingly, Hanoi strives to achieve GRDP (Gross Regional Domestic Product) growth of 7.5-8%; services accounting for 65-65.5%, industry - construction accounting for 22.5-23%; agriculture, forestry and fishery accounting for 1.4-1.6%; and labor productivity growth rate of 7-7.5%. The share of the digital economy in GRDP will be about 30%.

The city also strives to grow the rate of high-tech agricultural products to over 70%. The bad debt ratio of credit institutions will be less than 3%. The number of cooperatives established and operating will be about 2,500.

The plan clearly sets out 5 groups of tasks and key solutions to accomplish the above targets. In which, it focuses on completing the objectives of restructuring public investment, the state budget, the system of credit institutions and public non-business units; and develop a variety of markets and improve the efficiency of resource allocation and use.

The city will also focus on developing the business force; promoting connection of businesses of all economic sectors; innovating and developing the collective and cooperative economy; strengthening regional linkages, urban-rural linkages and bringing into play the role of key economic regions and large urban areas; and restructuring economic sectors towards modernity, developing a green and sustainable economy and maximizing potentials and advantages./.