Ben Thanh Market (Photo:

The city People's Committee has assigned the Departments of Culture and Sports, Tourism, Planning and Investment, Natural Resources and Environment, Construction, Transportation, city Police, District 1 People's Committee, and District 3 People's Committee to be responsible for guiding management, exploitation and development of the two new tourist sites, ensuring compliance with the provisions of law.

Ben Thanh market is considered a symbol of Ho Chi Minh city because it is over 100 years old. It not only plays the role of a normal trading business but also has historical, cultural and social significance.

Currently, Ben Thanh market is one of the destinations that attract a large number of people and tourists from all over the world to visit and purchase.

Nam Bo women's museum is formerly known as Nam Bo women's traditional house. It was built on April 29th, 1985, and has now become a familiar address for domestic and foreign visitors.

In particular, the museum was built according to the wishes and wills of the previous generations of women in order to preserve and teach patriotism and the good traditions of Vietnamese women for successive generations.

In addition to collecting materials and exhibits on the contributions of women in the Southern region in the fight against foreign invaders, since 1994, the museum has focused on collecting artifacts on the contributions of women in the Southern region in preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the nation, including intangible cultural artifacts related to festivals, beliefs, community cultural activities./.