Ho Chi Minh City Post Office is an ancient architectural work built by the French from 1886-1891, located in District 1. Throughout more than a century of existence and through many regimes, the building continued its function as a post office. Located next to Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon, the Post Office is a beautiful architecture, in harmony with the urban scenery, making an attractive tourist destination for visitors.

Ho Chi Minh City Post Office has contemporary Western Beaux Arts architectural style of the West in combination with Eastern decorations, designed by architect Villedieu and his assistant Foulhoux. The building has an elaborately decorated facade with exquisite details. Above the main gate facing the square is a round clock, with the year of construction marked on the building: 1886-1891.

Outside, the front of the building is decorated with rectangular boxes, on which are names of the inventors
of the telegraph and electricity industries. Above and below the rectangular boxes are covered with intricate flower and leaf reliefs.

Interior space of the main hall of the building is impressive with arches and skylights to catch light.
This is the customer's transaction place with the postal service counter; currently, this is also a place to sell souvenirs for tourists.

In the middle of this space, there are rows of tables designed for people to write letters.

The interior architecture of the building is extremely delicate with arches and steel columns.

The main entrance to the main hall and the roof support system are made of iron with elaborate flower and leaf decorations.

Even the roof drainage pipes are built beautifully.

There are two ancient maps on both sides of the hall. The first one titled: Saigon et ses environs (Saigon and its surrounding areas), 1892.

The second one is titled: Lignes télégraphiques du Sud Vietnam et du Cambodge (Telegram lines between South Vietnam and Cambodia), 1936.

The floor of the building is tiled with cement tiles with diversified patterns.

The post office still retains public phone booths - the hallmark of a time. Some booths are now converted into ATM rooms.

Few people now come to the post office to send letters and mobile phones have prevailed,
but Ho Chi Minh City Post Office is still crowded with tourists visiting and buying souvenirs.

The souvenir shop is located in the front corridor. It is very crowded, especially with foreign visitors.

They are very interested in souvenirs bearing Vietnamese cultural identity.

With beautiful architecture and space, the Ho Chi Minh City Post Office is a popular spot for couples to take wedding photos.

Visitors coming to the building cannot forget to take souvenir photos in front of this wonderful work of architecture.

BTA (Photo: VOV)