Ho Chi Minh City: 100% of new-style rural area communes to have recognized OCOP

Thursday, 23/06/2022 16:54
By 2025, Ho Chi Minh (HCM) City strives to have at least 124 OCOP (One Commune One Product) recognized with 3 stars or more; and 100% of new-style rural area communes will have recognized products.
 Photo for illustration. (Source: congthuong.vn)

This is the goal set by the city People's Committee in the decision approving the hub’s OCOP scheme in 2021-2025.

The People’s Committee also identifies and prioritizes enterprises, cooperatives, cooperative groups, farms and production households with key agricultural products participating in the OCOP Program Scheme.

According to the City People’s Committee, the project’s main task is to develop OCOP products, in association with restructuring and accelerating agricultural restructuring.

The city will also promote the application of biotechnology, the development of science and technology, and high-tech agriculture in association with human resource training to make good use of the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

OCOP products will be developed into 6 groups, prioritizing agricultural and non-agricultural products; unique, traditional and advantageous services in each locality, in the direction of promoting internal resources, and adding value associated with community development./.