Set of basic information about tourist attractions in HCM City released

Tuesday, 26/07/2022 15:00
The Ho Chi Minh (HCM) City Department of Tourism has just announced a set of basic tourism information about the city’s tourism, including information on the history of formation, natural conditions, culture, people and the government apparatus.
Photo for illustration. (Source: VNA)

The set of information aims to introduce some outstanding destinations in the city, with the goal of contributing to creating the image of Ho Chi Minh City as a “Safe - lively - open - young - excited” destination

These destinations have been attracting a large number of tourists to visit, being historical sites, architectural and artistic relics, and new and modern constructions.

In which, there are 42 tourist attractions and 8 outstanding tourism events of Ho Chi Minh City. The 42 tourist attractions include 6 historical heritages, 9 architectural and artistic heritages, 6 museums, 16 religious sites - belief heritages and 5 entertainment – shopping destinations./.