Cuba an HCM City cooperate to improve community healthcare

Tuesday, 28/03/2023 16:28
The Ho Chi Minh (HCM) City Department of Health has had a virtual meeting with the primary health care board of the Cuban Ministry of Health.
The virtual meeting on community healthcare development  (Source:

 According to VNA, Ailuj Casanova Baroto, head of the primary health care board, said that Cuba’s public healthcare system is recognised as one of the most effective systems in the world.

The system is operated by the Ministry of Health to guarantee that all Cuban residents can easily access it.

It focuses on disease prevention and enhancing education of public healthcare.

Community health centres are an important part of the country’s public healthcare system, which have been established in urban and rural areas nationwide.

It estimated that there is one community health centre for 1,000 households.

The community health centres provide healthcare services, such as vaccinations, regular health checks, and care for pregnant women and newborns.

Medical staff at community health centres are trained to diagnose and treat basic illnesses and provide disease preventive measures.

Groups of specialised doctors of hospitals periodically cooperate with community health centres to give medical examinations and treatment to local residents.

Cuba’s public healthcare system also pays attention to studying and developing new healthcare technologies and methods, ensuring the system always provides the best approaches in healthcare to people.

Tang Chi Thuong, Director of the city’s Department of Health, said the Cuban Ministry of Health is willing to support the city in implementing a project of community healthcare development.

Cuba will send two specialised doctors to the city to carry out surveys and come to an agreement with the city’s Department of Health on content that needs to be developed in the coming time.

The ministry expects to welcome the city’s healthcare professionals to visit Cuba to learn about its public healthcare models.