Korean city’s Vietnam Day announced

Wednesday, 07/12/2022 15:26
As part of his visit to the Republic of Korea (RoK), on December 6, in Gyeonggi province, State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the Vietnamese high-ranking delegation attended the ceremony to celebrate and announce the Vietnam Day of Gwangju city.
President Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Gwangju city Mayor Bang Se-hwan at Gwangju city's Vietnam Day announcement ceremony (Photo: VNA) 

During the ceremony, President Phuc emphasized that Gyeonggi is not only an important political, economic and cultural center of the RoK, but also a very special locality which embraces the capital Seoul with charming scenery.

He emphasized that the Vietnam Day of Gwangju city (December 6) will enhance understanding between the two peoples, opening up new opportunities for cooperation and exchange between the people and local businesses of the two countries.

He said he believed that, with the strong determination and tireless efforts of the provincial government and people, Gyeonggi will continue to develop, together with the whole country, to establish new miracles for RoK.

The President stated that 2022 is the year of the 30th anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic relations and the year that opens a new and long-term development period for the relations in the following years.

During this visit to the RoK, the two countries' senior leaders jointly announced the upgrade of the two countries' relations to a "comprehensive strategic partnership". This is the highest cooperation framework in the bilateral relationship between the two countries, with the desire to bring the two countries' relations to a new stage with trust and deeper understanding, more effective, substantive cooperation, and closer and more frequent exchanges between people.

He stated that the Vietnam Day of Gwangju city is the clearest proof. “The success of the event as well as the Vietnam Day of Gwangju city on December 6 every year will create opportunities for the people of the two countries to better understand each other, and open up new opportunities for cooperation and exchange between local people and businesses of the two countries,” he added.

He expressed his wish that Gyeonggi province in general and Gwangju city in particular give more attention and care to Vietnamese people.

The Vietnamese State President also visited the Vietnamese cultural space in the city and attended an art programme to celebrate 30 years of diplomacy between Vietnam and the RoK..

Previously, he visited, gave gifts and encouraged a typical Vietnamese-Korean multicultural family in Gwangju city, Gyeonggi province./.

Compiled by BTA