Number of laborers going to work abroad exceeds year’s annual plan

Thursday, 06/10/2022 15:46
By the end of September, the total number of Vietnamese workers going to work abroad was 103,026, reaching 114.47% of the year’s plan of 90,000 laborers.
Japan is the leading market to receive Vietnamese workers. (Photo: VGP) 

The Department of Overseas Labor Management under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) said that according to reports from businesses, the total number of workers going to work abroad in September 2022 was 8,180 workers, more than 10 times higher than the same period last year.

Accordingly, they were sent to Taiwan (China) (5,027), Japan (2,775), China (168), Singapore (49), Hungary (46), the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation (21 each).

Japan continued to be the leading labor market in the past 9 months with 51,859 laborers, followed by Taiwan (China) with 44,584 laborers, the Republic of Korea with 1,668 laborers, and Singapore with 1,498 laborers.

According to the MOLISA, Japan is one of the key labor markets where Vietnam is sending workers.

In recent years, the number of Vietnamese workers to this country has accounted for 50% of the total number of workers going abroad every year. This is also one of the markets with the best working conditions and income, favored by Vietnamese workers.

During the recent meeting of the National Assembly's Social Committee, MOLISA Minister Dao Ngoc Dung informed sending labors abroad under contract in 2022 has gradually recovered, focusing mainly on the markets of Japan, the Republic of Korea and Taiwan (China).

Besides, Vietnam has signed a cooperation agreement to send workers to some European countries such as Germany, Romania, Czech and Bulgaria./.

Compiled by BTA