Strengthening cooperation with the United Nations in Vietnam on social security

Wednesday, 17/08/2022 15:43
Over the past time, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) has cooperated with United Nations organizations in Vietnam in many fields of society and social security. The cooperation process has been implemented effectively, because this is an area of consistent interest and care from the Government.
At the reception (Photo: NDO)

On August 16, MOLISA Minister Dao Ngoc Dung received UN Resident Coordinator in Vietnam Pauline Tamesis.

Ms. Pauline Tamesis said that the relationship between the MOLISA and the UN has a long tradition. During the course of cooperation, the agency has always supported the UN in many areas, especially in population aging, gender equality, prevention and control of gender-based violence, and violence against children. In particular, cooperation in targeted programs on hunger eradication and poverty reduction has gained great achievements.

Sharing at the meeting, Ms. Pauline Tamesis emphasized the importance of social protection, especially the lessons learned after the COVID-19 pandemic. To prioritize social protection as well as develop a highly productive labor market, Ms. Pauline Tamesis gave recommendations, including making further policies to encourage highly productive working environments; continuing to improving the quality and provision of basic social services; expanding social sponsorship activities; increasing the application of information technology and digital technology into social sponsorship; and agreeing on creative solutions to expand pilot models.

Speaking at the reception, MOLISA Minister Dao Ngoc Dung confirmed that the Vietnamese Government always cares for social issues and social sponsorship.

According to Minister Dao Ngoc Dung, Vietnam's current top concern is to perfect the legal system, including the law on social insurance and the elderly, and consider amending the Law on Gender Equality and the Law on Marriage and Family, and Law on Domestic Violence Prevention and Control.

“Especially for people with disabilities, we are considering amending the Law on People with Disabilities so that they can have basic access to social services, considering this as the minimum right to which people with disabilities are entitled. And more importantly, for people with disabilities to adapt to climate change, the social impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic is a very profound lesson," he emphasized.

Recognizing Ms. Pauline Tamesis’ recommendations, the Minister affirmed that, first, it is necessary to focus on taking care of and improving the high-quality working environment. In addition, it is necessary to improve the quality of basic service provision, in which it is necessary to improve the level of access and benefit for beneficiaries in rural and mountainous areas. In addition, it is necessary to innovate methods and applications of information technology to provide social services, towards the goal that each Vietnamese citizen has a security card that integrates all policies, associated with the population data./.

Compiled by BTA