"Vietnam Corner" at Level-2 Field Hospital No. 4

Tuesday, 09/08/2022 11:05
Under the skillful hands of doctors and nurses of the Level-2 Field Hospital No. 4 in South Sudan and the help of painter Emmanuel Anaman from the Ghanaian police, the hospital’s international reception room has become a miniature "Vietnam corner", to introduce the images and typical culture of the Vietnamese nation to international friends.
Members of the hospital and a Ghanaian painter decorate the international reception room.  

According to Lieutenant Colonel Do Thi Hang Nga, Deputy Military Director of the hospital, painter Emmanuel Anaman had been treated at the hospital. During his stay at the hospital, he conveyed his affection for Vietnamese doctors and nurses through paintings of his homeland's landscapes, with African features drawn by his own hand, for those who had helped him.

With the help of Mr. Emmanuel Anaman, the landscape paintings of Vietnam's homeland in the form of frescoes are reproduced vividly on the wall of the international reception room, creating a lively, fresh and bold atmosphere with Vietnamese characteristics.

The highlight is the painting of Sword Lake with Turtle Tower and The Huc Bridge silhouetted against the clear blue lake. Along with that are handmade decorations of lotus flowers, peach flowers, apricot flowers and traditional Vietnamese New Year dishes such as green chung cakes, creating a cozy, beautiful, display space, helping the hospital members ease their homesickness, and providing a cultural corner to introduce to international friends the country, people and culture of Vietnam. The windows of the living room are decorated with beautiful handmade paper flowers that become very soulful.

Lieutenant Colonel Do Thi Hang Nga said that the highlight of the reception room is famous sights, cultural features and images close to the people of Vietnam. Through this cozy space, the hospital wishes to introduce the image of a beautiful, hospitable, culturally rich and peace-loving Vietnam.

To draw such vivid pictures, Mr. Anaman tinkered with pictures and video clips about Sword Lake in Hanoi. He also implemented the idea of drawing more pictures of the typical landscape in Africa appearing harmoniously in the "Vietnam corner" as a message of affection from the African people for Vietnamese green berets and doctors.

The international reception room of the hospital has taken on a new look, becoming a cultural space./.

Compiled by BTA