Vietnam, El Salvador lay foundation for educational cooperation

Friday, 17/03/2023 11:09
On March 16 in Hanoi, during a meeting with Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Kim Son, Ambassador of El Salvador to Vietnam Ruben Omar Orozco Burgos expressed his wish to have thorough understanding of Vietnam, and expand the cooperation relationship between El Salvador and Vietnam in the field of education and training.
 At the meeting (Photo: TDO)

He also shared with the Vietnamese Minister about the country and people of El Salvador.

Expressing his wish to expand educational cooperation with Vietnam, he showed his expectation to learn about Vietnam's experience and efforts and promote cooperation in pre-school education; primary education; vocational training, career orientation and employment after training; scholarship exchange; and scientific research. “Hopefully, this is a premise for future cooperation,” said Ambassador Ruben Omar Orozco Burgos.

Expressing his interest in the education of El Salvador, Minister Nguyen Kim Son said that cooperation in education and training between the two countries is in a state of preparation. “I consider that the Ambassador's term to Vietnam will lay the foundation for cooperation in diverse areas between the two countries, including in education and training,” he said, adding that he hoped the Ambassador would connect schools and managers.

The Minister also affirmed the spirit of Vietnam's desire to cooperate and learn from experiences in education and science with other countries, as well as the willingness to share experiences from Vietnam, including how Vietnam has overcome difficulties and challenges to develop education and training.

Suggesting cooperation in education always starts with the joint work of teachers and scientists at educational institutions of the two countries, the Minister hoped that the Ambassador would make the connections to promote the first step forward in educational cooperation. He also assigned the Department of International Cooperation to be the focal point to discuss and work specifically with the Embassy of El Salvador on future cooperation.

According to the Department of International Cooperation (Ministry of Education and Training), up to now, Vietnam and El Salvador have not signed cooperation documents and have not organized cooperation activities in education and training./.
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