Vietnam makes great achievements through 35 years of renewal

Wednesday, 23/11/2022 15:38
Within the framework of the 22nd World Peace Council (WCC) Assembly, on November 22, the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) held a meeting to share information about the situation in Vietnam to international delegates.
 VUFO President Nguyen Phuong Nga speaks at the event. (Photo: PANO)

Speaking at the "Meeting Vietnam" event, VUFO President Nguyen Phuong Nga highlighted Vietnam's socio-economic development achievements, foreign policy, as well as the country's development orientation in the near future.

According to Ms Nga, after 35 years of renewal, opening up and integration, Vietnam has made great achievements of historical significance. The socio-economic situation has been stable and growing. People's living standards have been remarkably improved in terms of both living standards and quality of life. The political system has been built and strengthened. National security and security has been maintained and strengthened. Foreign affairs and international integration has been constantly expanded, and Vietnam's international role and position has been increasingly enhanced.

From a country with a backward economy mainly based on agriculture, Vietnam has transformed itself into a diversified economy with an increasingly large and balanced proportion of industry, trade and services in the national economy. The macro-economy is stable, the growth rate is maintained at a relatively high level. The startup and innovation ecosystem, along with the trend of digital transformation, development of the digital economy, digital society, green economy and circular economy, has been formed and initially developed.

In terms of international economic integration, Vietnam has economic and trade relations with 220 countries and territories, and over 70 countries have recognized Vietnam as a market economy. With the signing of many free trade agreements, Vietnam has become an important link in many regional and global economic links.

She also affirmed that Vietnam pays special attention to linking economy with society, unifying economic policies with social policies, economic growth going hand in hand with the realization of social progress and justice.

Up to now, Vietnam has basically completed the Millennium Development Goals and is actively implementing the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Education continues to be one of the top priorities in the development strategy. The medical organization system continues to be consolidated. The scale, capacity, and quality of preventive medicine, medical examination and treatment, epidemic prevention and control, and people's health care have progressed, accessing many advanced technologies in the world, achieving many results, especially in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The care and protection of people with disabilities and disadvantaged groups are paid attention to, through subsidies for people with disabilities, and the construction of training facilities for people with disabilities; along with support for victims of Agent Orange/dioxin and taking care of the elderly.

Vietnam has also recordeded many achievements in the fields of gender equality, domestic violence prevention, resource management, environmental protection and climate change adaptation.

At the "Meeting Vietnam" event, delegates and guests all expressed their joy and excitement when coming to Vietnam to attend the 22nd WCC Assembly, and shared good feelings about the country and people of Vietnam as well as appreciated the role of the host country at this congress./.

Compiled by BTA