Vietnam’s engineering unit completes task ahead of schedule at Abu Qussa

Tuesday, 09/08/2022 16:31
After 14 days of working with urgency, Vietnam’s Engineering Unit Rotation 1 at the UN Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) completed the task of setting up security fencing 380m in length around a UNISFA military observation station in Abu Qussa on the border between South Sudan and Sudan.
Members of Vietnam’s Engineering Unit Rotation 1 perform their duties in hot weather conditions. (Photo: Vietnam’s Engineering Unit Rotation 1) 

The fencing, made from 127 Y-shaped and 126 I-shaped columns, lies about 500km away from the unit’s position. The observation station was placed here to monitor how concerned parties observe peace agreements along the border.

With the highest sense of responsibility, scientific working method, and smooth coordination between the unit and the functional agencies of the mission as well as among team members, the task was completed 6 days earlier than the plan, ensuring absolute safety of people and equipment. In order to make the most of time and ensure progress, the task force worked even on holidays.

According to Colonel Mac Duc Trong, Captain of the 1st Engineer Team, the force carrying out this task consisted of 17 comrades with full hand-held technical equipment.

He added that the whole team determined that this was a new, highly independent task with many challenges, so it was determined to ensure good preparation in terms of logistics, techniques, means and equipment to ensure the successful completion of the task.

He also asserted that the whole unit has upheld the spirit of solidarity, unity, and strict discipline; promoted the sense of responsibility, independence, self-reliance and creativity, proactively overcome difficulties, and successfully completed assigned tasks.

Since its deployment at UNISFA, the unit has completed the repair and maintenance of a 50km arterial road passing through the Amiet wholesale market, regularly rescued bogged trucks, and built drainage in residential areas./.

Compiled by BTA