Journalist Pham Duc Thai, member of the CPV Online News' Editorial Board in his opening speech at the event. (Photo: CPV)

The event aims to popularize protection of the country’s sovereignty over seas and islands and affirm historical and legal confirming historical and legal evidences of Vietnam’s sovereignty in the East Sea.

In addition, it is expected to contribute to making cadres, civil servants, officials, employees, party members and people deeply aware of Vietnam’s legal rights and interests in the East Sea in accordance with international law and raise awareness of cadres, party members and people of all classes about the meaning and importance of seas and islands in national construction and defence.

Participants at the event. (Photo: CPV)

The seminar was attended by Dr. Tran Cong Truc, former Head of the Government’s National Boundary Commission, Assoc. Prof Nguyen Chu Hoi, former Deputy Head of Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands and Dr. Ta Dinh Thi, Head of Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands.

As a coastal country, located in the West of the East Sea, Vietnam has a coastline of over 3,260 km with more than 50% of population living in 28 provinces and cities. Many coastal areas as well as island of the country have a very important geographical position for economic development and security, national defence.

Therefore, ensuring maritime security to exploit great potentials of sea is an objective requirement of the cause of national construction and defence./.