Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Chi Vinh (Photo: VNA)

The dialogue, taking place in Seoul from September 3rd - 9th under the theme “Building Peace Together: Challenges and Visions”, includes four plenary sessions.

The discussions focus on the peace process on the Korean Peninsula and international cooperation, challenges and missions on peace in Northeast Asia, international peacekeeping and humanitarian campaigns, as well as national strategy and crisis management on the Internet.

Alongside, there will be three special discussions on security and regional balance in the ASEAN; international cooperation for the resumption of peace in the Middle East; and orientations for weapon control for establishing long-term peace on the Korean peninsula.

According to local media, this year’s Seoul Defense Dialogue will be the largest ever, with hundreds of officials and experts from 56 countries and five international organizations attending. The event started in 2012 with the participation of 15 countries and two international organizations.

Vietnam’s participation in the dialogue shows the active, positive and responsible role of Vietnam in regional and international issues, affirming that Vietnam is willing to strengthen friendship with other countries and share viewpoints on matters of common concern./.