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Promoting economic cooperation between Vietnam and Italy
An online forum on Vietnam-Italy economic cooperation was organized by the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy to beef up economic relations between the two countries on November 26.
Embassy in Japan makes efforts to support Vietnamese citizens amid COVID-19
17:40 26/11/2020
Vietnamese Ambassador to Japan Vu Hong Nam has affirmed that the Vietnamese embassy will make efforts to offer repatriation chances for people with high risks of COVID-19 infection as well as those living in difficult circumstances.
Over 280 Vietnamese citizens return home from Australia
15:31 26/11/2020
More than 280 Vietnamese citizens were brought home safely from Australia on a flight of Bamboo Airway on November 25.
290 Vietnamese citizens brought home safely from Czech Republic
16:42 23/11/2020
As many as 290 Vietnamese citizens were brought home safely from the Czech Republic on a flight of Bamboo Airways on November 21 and 22.
Vietnam, Argentina bolster cooperation
14:04 22/11/2020
Vietnam’s new Ambassador to Argentina Duong Quoc Thanh on November 20 had meetings with Vice President of Solidario Party (PSOL) Julia Perie, and President of the Argentina- Vietnam Cultural Institute (ICAV) Poldi Sosa to discuss measures to strengthen bilateral collaboration.
Vietnam backs peace progress led by Afghans: Ambassador
14:03 22/11/2020
​ Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of the Vietnamese mission to the United Nations, re-affirmed support for an inclusive Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process while attending the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)’s Arria Meeting on November 20.
VietJet Air flight brings home nearly 240 Vietnamese citizens from Philippines
17:18 20/11/2020
A VietJet Air flight brought home nearly 240 Vietnamese citizens from the Philippines on November 19.
Nearly 280 Vietnamese citizens from Europe land at Van Don Airport safely
19:05 19/11/2020
A Vietnam Airlines flight brought home nearly 280 Vietnamese citizens from over 20 European nations on November 18 and 19.
Vietnamese Community in Czech Republic confirms its position
14:45 19/11/2020
In 2020, the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic will continue to assert its position in the host country, while promoting the spirit towards the homeland.
Vietnamese Ambassador receives Director of Argentine national radio
18:41 18/11/2020
Vietnamese Ambassador to Argentina Duong Quoc Thanh had a working session with Mr. Alejandro Pont Lezica, Director of the Argentine national radio (RNA), to discuss further cooperation between the Argentine national radio station and the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) on November 17.