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Nearly 450 Vietnamese citizens return home from RoK
Nearly 450 Vietnamese citizens from the Republic of Korea (RoK) were brought home on two repatriation flights on October 21.
Nearly 250 Vietnamese citizens brought home safely from Malaysia
22:58 09/10/2020
Nearly 250 Vietnamese citizens were repatriated safely on October 8.
Vietnam continues to bring home nearly 350 citizens from Australia and New Zealand
20:04 08/10/2020
Nearly 350 Vietnamese citizens from from Australia and New Zealand were brought home safely on October 7.
First website helping Vietnamese in France find accommodation
20:08 07/10/2020
The thought of why there isn’t a free website to find a rental house or roommate in Vietnamese for Vietnamese people in France made Luu Ngoc Huyen decide to build a website named Vietcoloc.
Vietnam continues repatriating over 220 citizens from Japan
18:36 07/10/2020
More than 220 Vietnamese citizens were brought home from Japan on October 6 on a flight of Vietjet Air.
Ambassador Pham Viet Anh receives Editor-in-Chief of Diplomat Magazine
18:12 06/10/2020
Vietnamese Ambassador to the Netherlands Pham Viet Anh recently received Dr. Mayelinne De Lara, Editor-in-Chief of Diplomat Magazine.
Vietnam brings home over 350 citizens from China’s Taiwan
11:46 06/10/2020
Over 350 Vietnamese citizens were brought home from Taiwan (China) on two flights on October 5.
Vietnam brings home nearly 340 citizens from European and African countries
21:40 05/10/2020
​Nearly 340 Vietnamese citizens were brought home from European and African countries in a repatriation flight of Vietnam Airlines on October 3-4.
Over 350 Vietnamese citizens flown home from UK
10:08 04/10/2020
More than 350 Vietnamese citizens were taken home from the UK on a flight arranged by Vietnamese authorities, the Vietnamese Embassy in the UK, Vietnam Airlines and British competent agencies on October 2 and 3.
Vietnam Airlines brings home 230 citizens from Thailand
11:55 02/10/2020
Over 230 Vietnamese citizens were brought home from Thailand on a flight of the national flag carrier on October 1.