230 gifts presented to Vietnamese and Cambodian people in difficult circumstances in Kampot province

Thursday, 04/08/2022 11:20
The Consulate General of Vietnam in Sihanoukville, in collaboration with the Executive Committee of the Khmer - Vietnam Association in Kampot province, recently presented 230 gifts to families and children of Vietnamese and Cambodian with difficult circumstances in Cambodia’s Kampot province.
Representatives of families in difficult circumstances in Kampot province come to receive gifts
(Photo: VNA) 

The gifts will be a source of spiritual encouragement, helping people to partly overcome difficulties after the COVID-19 pandemic, and further strengthen the solidarity between the Vietnamese community and the local Cambodians.

Previously, the Executive Board of the Khmer - Vietnam Association in Kampot province in collaboration with the government of Kampot city inaugurated and put into use of the Friendship Bridge and Community House, and successfully restored the ancient communal house to serve as a meeting place for traditional cultural activities for Vietnamese origin people.

Vietnam always considers overseas Vietnamese as an important and inseparable part, a driving force for the country's development. Therefore, the Government and people in the country always pay attention, support and create maximum favorable conditions for the Vietnamese community in Cambodia, especially the Vietnamese community in Kampot province./.