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Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Lan Trung, Vice Chairman of ALOV, said that after the contest was launched in September 2020, ALOV introduced its members in localities, mobilized Vietnamese and foreign authors and groups to participate in compiling books and materials for Vietnamese teaching and learning for overseas Vietnamese.

"The contest has received the attention of a large number of overseas Vietnamese. This is the right policy, bringing new spiritual food and meeting the needs and beliefs of more than 5 million overseas Vietnamese," shared Mr. Trung.

Ambassador Nguyen Phu Binh, Chairman of ALOV, said that the contest drawing the participation of more than 64 books showed the interest of Vietnamese organizations and individuals and overseas Vietnamese in teaching overseas Vietnamese. ALOV believes in the professionalism and fairness of the judges.

The contest aims to promote Vietnamese language teaching and learning for generations of overseas Vietnamese in a practical and effective manner in order to preserve, strengthen and develop the language and cultural identity of the Vietnamese people. At the same time, it also arouses and promotes the spirit towards the homeland, the country; contributes to the promotion of Vietnamese language and culture in the overseas Vietnamese community; and promotes the spirit of great national unity of Vietnam.

The contest also desires to mobilize the participation of organizations and individuals inside and outside the country in compiling and sponsoring books and materials in teaching and studying Vietnamese language for overseas Vietnamese.

The contest also hopes to select and provide Vietnamese language teaching and learning books and materials suitable for learners in countries and territories in order to improve the effectiveness of Vietnamese language teaching and learning for overseas Vietnamese.

The awarding ceremony of the contest will take place in December 2021./.