Ambassador learns about Vietnamese community’s concerns in Thailand

Tuesday, 28/02/2023 14:40
The Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand and the Consulate General of Vietnam in Thailand’s Khon Kaen on February 26 met representatives of the Vietnamese community in the country to learn about their concerns and strengthen coordination to make it stronger and more united.
At the meeting (Photo: VNA) 

Speaking at the opening of the meeting in Khon Kaen, Vietnamese Ambassador to Thailand Phan Chi Thanh said that this is the first time the Vietnamese representative agencies in Thailand have held a meeting and worked with a large number of leaders of the General Association of Overseas Vietnamese and its branches in Thailand’s localities.

He affirmed that the meeting is a valuable opportunity for the Vietnamese representative agencies in Thailand to grasp the concerns and aspirations of the Vietnamese community in Thailand, and thus promptly find solutions and measures to maximize support for the community, contributing to the strong and prosperous development of the General Association and its branches.

Speaking at the meeting, Consul General Chu Duc Dung said that for years, the community helped connect overseas Vietnamese, promote patriotic traditions, preserve the national cultural identity, and maintain the teaching/learning of the Vietnamese language in Thailand.

He asked the associations to work out plans to promote solidarity, support overseas Vietnamese and engage them in community activities and movements toward the homeland.

At the meeting, leaders of the General Assembly of Overseas Vietnamese in Thailand and its branches raised many enthusiastic and practical ideas, contributing to the work of the general association, economic cooperation between Vietnam’s localities and overseas Vietnamese businessmen, and the next generation of overseas Vietnamese.

Concluding the meeting, Ambassador Phan Chi Thanh affirmed that the Vietnamese representative agencies in Thailand will try to support overseas Vietnamese to establish cultural centers, organize community activities, and continue to promote the teaching and learning of the Vietnamese language in Thailand, especially for the younger generation.

On the associations, he also called to continue promoting their role in uniting and connecting overseas Vietnamese, as well as maintaining their image as a model outstanding Vietnamese community for those all over the world./.