Ambassador to Indonesia encourages Vietnamese national football team

Friday, 06/01/2023 15:45
Vietnamese Ambassador to Indonesia Ta Van Thong and officials and representatives of the Vietnamese community in Indonesia on the afternoon of January 5 had a meeting to encourage coach Park Hang-seo and players of the Vietnamese national football team before the first leg semi-final of the AFF Cup 2022 on January 6 in Bung Karno.
Ambassador Ta Van Thong meets Coach Park Hang-seo and players of the Vietnamese national football team (Photo: VNA)

At the meeting, Ambassador Ta Van Thong said that like Vietnamese people, Indonesian people are very passionate about football and the enthusiasm of the fans of the "land of ten thousand islands" for the round ball is no less than that of Vietnamese fans.

The match on January 6 has become the focus of particular interest by the press and Indonesian people in recent days.

The Ambassador emphasized that under the guidance of coach Park Hang-seo, the players of the Vietnamese national football team are now the "golden generation" and the pride of Vietnamese football and of the whole nation, and expressed his wish that the players will continue the glorious history created by themselves.

He recalled that only half a year ago, the Embassy and the Vietnamese community in Indonesia were overwhelmed with emotions and pride when witnessing on live television the Vietnam U23 team led by coach Park Hang-seo winning the championship against Thailand U23 team at the final match of the 31st SEA Games.

Ambassador Thong expressed his wish that the Vietnamese team will overcome difficulties, continue to show bravery and win a glorious victory against the Indonesian team in tomorrow's match in response to the confidence and aspirations of the people of Vietnam.

Finally, Mr. Thong emphasized that he would call on a large number of Vietnamese community members in Indonesia to come cheer and support coach Park Hang-seo and his players, as well as coordinate with local authorities to ensure security and safety for the Vietnamese team and fans during the match on January 6.

For his part, on behalf of the Vietnamese national football team, Coach Park Hang-seo said that not only the people of Vietnam or Indonesia, but also the people of the Republic of Korea are also very interested in this match, as well as the AFF Cup 2022 tournament when 3 out of 4 teams in the finalists are led by Korean coaches.

On this occasion, coach Park Hang-seo thanked Ambassador Ta Van Thong and the representative of the Vietnamese community in Indonesia for their concern and encouragement of the players, and committed to doing their best to work together with his players to win the best results in the match on January 6 on Bung Karno Stadium./.