As many as 100 Vu A Dinh scholarships presented to overseas Vietnamese children in Laos

Wednesday, 15/03/2023 16:41
A ceremony was organized on March 14 in Vientiane by the Vietnamese Embassy in Laos in collaboration with the Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund and the Board of Directors of the Club "For beloved Hoang Sa - Truong Sa" to award 100 scholarships to students who are children of overseas Vietnamese in Laos.
At the event (Photo: VNA) 

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Truong My Hoa said that since its establishment, Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund has been operating for nearly 25 years, the Club "For beloved Hoang Sa - Truong Sa" has had 10 years of operation. Every year, the Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund and the club donate about 8,000 scholarships to disadvantaged students in Vietnam, of which 5,000 are for ethnic minority students and 3,000 are for students in sea and island regions across the country. In addition, the Fund and the Club also have many human resource training projects in remote, border and island areas of the country.

Ms. Truong My Hoa said that the 100 scholarships are gifts for students who are overseas Vietnamese in Laos. She expressed her hope that they will always strive to study and continue to contribute to Laos and the Vietnam – Laos special relationship.

She also expressed her wish that the Vietnamese community in Laos continues to well implement the guidelines and policies of the host country, and always unite and look towards the beloved Fatherland.

On this occasion, Ms. Hoa also presented a symbolic gift of USD 5,000, equivalent to the 100 gifts, to a representative of the General Association of Vietnamese in Laos and representative of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Vientiane. These gifts will be given to good overseas Vietnamese students in difficult circumstances throughout Laos. In which, there are 30 scholarships for overseas Vietnamese students in Vientiane and the remaining 70 are for overseas Vietnamese students across Laos./.