Boosting connection among Vietnamese students in Germany

Tuesday, 17/05/2022 13:55
The Vietnamese Student Association in Germany (SiviDuc) in collaboration with the Vietnamese Student Branch in Hamburg (SiviHamburg) are going to organize a Vietnamese Youth and Student Summer Camp in Germany 2022 (Summer Camp 2022) in the port city of Hamburg on August 13-14.

Vietnamese students attend the press conference of the Summer Camp 2022 (Photo:

The Summer Camp 2022 themed "Long time no SEA" aims to further strengthen the connection between Vietnamese students in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Phan Quang Van, First Secretary of the Vietnamese Embassy in charge of educational cooperation and management of overseas Vietnamese students, emphasized that over the past years, together with the Central Committee of the Vietnam Student Union, the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany has always closely supported SiviDuc's activities in general.

He emphasized that the Embassy supported the plan as well as the content of the Summer Camp 2022; and wished that SiviDuc would further concretize camp activities so that they could see practical effects after each camp, such as promoting start-up ideas, learning and research results of students, as well as create a link between SiviDuc and businesses, creating conditions for its members to have opportunity to start-up in the future.

Following the success of Europe Camp 2015, Berlin SiviDuc Summer Camp 2013, Leipzig 2014, Jena 2017 and Hannover 2018, Summer Camp 2022 will be the most expected event of the year in the Vietnamese student and youth community with the scale in all the Federal Republic of Germany.

According to the Organizing Committee, due to the prolonged pandemic over the past time, the Vietnamese youth and student community in Germany has lacked activities to connect and exchange face-to-face.

According to the plan, the Summer Camp 2022 will be organized with many interesting and useful activities, such as scientific seminars, career guidance, art programs, sports and other entertainment activities.

The event promises to be a healthy playground to strengthen the solidarity, sharing and learning spirit of Vietnamese youth and students studying and researching in the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, this event also aims to build a stronger Vietnamese community in Germany./.