Ms. Chu Thi Chau, co-head of the club, present operational plan of the club (Photo: VNA)  

Speaking at the exchange, Vietnamese Ambassador to Germany Doan Xuan Hung appreciated the establishment and operation of the club. Through these meaningful activities, sentiments, enthusiasm and love of the homeland and Vietnam's sovereignty over Truong Sa and Hoang Sa have been spread to German friends, the Vietnamese community in Germany and overseas Vietnamese community.

He wished that the club would continue to develop, attracting more participation and contribution from the overseas Vietnamese and businesses to help the army and people on Truong Sa Archipelago.

The Ambassador also asked the Executive Board of the club to continue combining with associations to organize activities to "spread the fire" to the community and help German friends better understand Truong Sa and Hoang Sa archipelagoes.

On behalf of students and young generation studying in Germany, the representatives of the Vietnamese Student Association in Germany (SIVIDUC) contributed their ideas and practical wishes to solve the difficulties of soldiers, families and children on Truong Sa archipelago such as solutions about water resources, information and education.

The club was established in May, from the idea of overseas Vietnamese people in Germany who had opportunity to visit soldiers and people on Truong Sa archipelago from 2014 to present.

Besides, it annually organizes an exchange so that members of the club can share widely with the Vietnamese community in Germany and German people about the significance of visits to Truong Sa archipelago, experiences of love for the sea and islands, thus showing pride and affirms the territorial sovereignty of Vietnam./.