Visitors at the exhibition (Photo:

The exhibition displayed more than 200 photos and over 40 materials, historical artefacts that record life, landscapes and history of preservation of sovereignty over the sea and islands of Vietnamese people over the years.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Hoang Vinh Bao said that with a coastline stretching over 3,260km, Vietnam has a marine space of over 1 million km2, accounting for 29% of the area of the East Sea, with nearly 3,000 large and small islands (including Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagoes).

28 out of 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam are contiguous to the sea, nearly half of Vietnam's population live in coastal localities, with an estimated 29 million people earning their living from the sea.

With these factors, the sea plays an important role in creating an existing space, forming a sea culture, establishing trade relations with other countries.

It is also an indispensable factor for Vietnam to establish its sovereignty and maritime security for thousands of years.

The exhibition was an opportunity for the French people, Vietnamese community and international friends in France to learn about and discover the "marine nation of Vietnam", with beautiful marine environment and scenery, abundant resources, potential marine economy, unique culture and history of mastering and enforcing sovereignty over the sea and islands for a long time.

Vietnamese Ambassador to France Nguyen Ngoc Son emphasized the richness of Vietnam's marine resources and tourism, with beaches and bays ranked by international travel agencies as the most beautiful in the world for many years, such as Ha Long bay, Lang Co cay and Nha Trang beach.

The Ambassador also reported impressive figures on the development of Vietnam's tourism in recent years, with a record number of more than 10 million arrivals in 2016, of which French tourists are over 230,000.

For many years, the nation is also becoming one of the most preferred destinations in Asia of French tourists.

The exhibition will certainly help the public in France discover more interesting things about Vietnam’s marine resources.

At the end of the exhibition, all photos and historical materials will be presented to the Vietnamese Cultural Centre in France for further display and to serve the interest and understanding of the French public and overseas Vietnamese in France./.