First Billiards Tournament of Vietnamese Community in Poland

Friday, 19/08/2022 15:30
The first billiards tournament of the Vietnamese Community in Poland has been held in Warsaw in order to connect and encourage the sports movement, creating solidarity in the community in Poland.
Players at the  tournament (Photo:

This is a 9-ball billiards tournament, which has the participation of 20 players. The Organizing Board divided the players into two tables of 10 people each.

After five hours of exciting competition, the Organizing Board awarded the first and second prizes of grade A to players Nguyen Xuan Giang and Dang Hong Son, and the first and second places of grade B for players Nguyen Van Nam and Huy Hoang.

Billiards is an attractive sport that requires high concentration of players. Vietnamese people in Poland have many people playing this sport and most of them are young people.

After this tournament, billiards players of the Vietnamese Community in Poland will establish a Billiards Club, which will organize matches for players to connect with each other, participate in cultural, sports and charity activities of the Vietnamese Community in Poland./.