First comic book by young Vietnamese artist launched in France

Wednesday, 08/06/2022 11:35
The comic book 'Passage intérieur- Voyage essentiel en Alaska' by young painter Mai Bach and scriptwriter Maxime de Lisle was recently debuted at the Achetez de l'Art gallery in Paris, the French capital.

Vietnamese historical comic book wins int’l award

Painter Mai Bach (Photo: VNA)

Passage intérieur- Voyage essentiel en Alaska (Inside Passage, a must-see expedition in Alaska) is the first work of painter Mai Bach since he graduated from the very famous Delcourt Academy of Comic Art in France.

This is also the first time that a debut comic work by a young Vietnamese painter has been welcomed in the French comic market, one of the biggest comic publishing and consuming countries in the world.

The expedition is a true story experienced by scriptwriter Maxime de Lisle himself.

The story is nearly 70 pages long in large format, published by Delcourt Publishing, describing the exciting expedition of four young French men to the Inside Passage, an Atlantic coastal waterway stretching for more than 1,500km from Seattle along the coast of British Columbia to northern Alaska.

On the occasion of the book's launch, 25 original paintings in the collection of the story have been selected to be exhibited until June 15, at the Achetez de l'Art gallery in the heart of Paris.

Vivid and monumental watercolor illustrations painted by Mai Bach have led readers to join the Alaskan expedition by kayak, admire the giant white bears and whales, explore the beauty of wild nature hardly affected by humans, and experience the emotions of the characters, from surprise to excitement, from disappointment to joy.

The story is not only a demonstration of the smallness of humans in the midst of the majestic and wild nature, but also an important message that warns people against the fragility of the green planet, where we are living.

The first work by Maxime de Lisle and Mai Bach is also a practical guide for those who want to embark on such adventures.

"When I read Maxime's manuscript, I liked his exploration. The story was suitable for my abilities, so I agreed to help Maxime draw illustrations, creating our first work. This is also a good opportunity for me to learn more about the comic book industry in France, as it is not always possible to find a story that is right for me to develop like that," shared painter Mai Bach.

Script writer Maxime de Lisle said that he really liked Mai Bach's painting style and that's why they worked together to create the work.

"Mai Bach has a perfect drawing style that we like. It's super realistic, full of dynamics, able to spark the energy of Alaska," he said.

Monnier Ludovic, owner of the Achetez de l'Art gallery, said he saw a great potential in the young Vietnamese painter, not only in the art of comic drawing but also in painting.

Witnessing the success of his student, Mr. Derian Eric, Mai Bach's drawing teacher at Delcourt Academy of Comic Art, could not hide his pride.

He said that a debut comic work of a young painter who had just started his career being displayed at a famous gallery in the center of Paris was not only Bach's personal pride, but also the joy of trainers. He also highly appreciated Mai Bach's efforts and said that the young painter deserves this success./.