Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Cam (Photo: VNA)

Ms. Cam was born in Long Thanh district, Vietnam’s Dong Nai province. She married a Korean engineer when she worked as a translator for a Vietnamese construction company in 1996. She left for the Republic of Korea (RoK) in 1997, and was granted Korean citizenship in 1998.

She gave advice and helped many Vietnamese brides handle challenges such as language and culture differences as they began their new lives in the country, while she managed a forum on Korean-Vietnamese multicultural families in 2004.

She then became an activist for the rights of immigrants in the RoK after studying Korean and earning a master’s degree in law at Konkuk University. She recommended rational policies for immigrants, as well as made efforts to build a multicultural society in which people respect each other, contributing to nurturing the Vietnam-RoK relations with the local authorities.

In 2017, she was elected as Chairwoman of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in the RoK with 200,000 members. She is now a member of the Presidential Committee to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Provisional Government of the RoK, Director of the Korea Support Centre for Foreigners and Managing Director of the support centre for migrant workers in Seoul.

Ms. Cam has received many certificates of merit from the Korean President, and Vietnamese State for her considerable contributions to the Vietnamese community in the RoK and the immigrant community there in general.

The RoK’s upcoming legislative elections will take place on April 15th./.