France - Vietnam Friendship Association holds its 17th Congress

Thursday, 25/11/2021 09:39
The France - Vietnam Friendship Association (AAFV) on November 19 and 20 held its 17th Congress in Montreuil city, a suburb of Paris.

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Honored French Senator Hélène Luc, Honorary President of the France-Vietnam Friendship Association, speaking at the Congress (Photo: VOV)

The congress attracted hundreds of delegates, including members from provinces and cities across France, and representatives from friendship associations with Vietnam in European countries such as Belgium and Switzerland.  

Speaking at the Congress, Honored French Senator Hélène Luc, who is also the Honorary President of the France-Vietnam Friendship Association, recalled the association's proud history of solidarity and friendship, which was established 60 years ago, when the country and people of Vietnam were in an arduous war to protect and unify the country. At that time, French intellectuals, such as Raymond Aubrac, a great friend of President Ho Chi Minh, or Charles Fourniau, founded and joined the association to stand side by side with and assist the Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang affirmed that AAFV is always a great friend of the people of Vietnam, and the authorities and people of Vietnam always give close affection and appreciation to the association through activities such as high-ranking Vietnamese leaders always meet and discuss with AAFV during their visits to France, and the two sides have always promoted diverse cooperation over the past years.

Over many decades of solidarity, the France – Vietnam friendship has been fostered by AAFV and become closer. In the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam soon presented precious boxes of face masks to France and France also donated COVID-19 vaccine to Vietnam.   

At the congress, AAFV also organized a discussion on Vietnam coping with challenges of climate change with the participation of speakers such as Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang, former French Ambassador to Vietnam Claude Blanchemaison, or climate expert Gilles Ramstein from the French National Centre for Scientific Research.  

According to Ms. Hélène Luc, such discussions will be prioritized activities of AAFV in order to continue to help Vietnam substantively and effectively before the challenges of the new era, especially environmental challenges.  

In addition, AAFV also organized a painting exhibition on the land and people of Vietnam at the Hall of Montreuil City, as well as introduced Ms. Tran To Nga’s struggle against US chemical corporations in the Agent Orange case.

After the two days of working, the AAFV Congress elected the National Committee as well as leader of the association./.