The Vietnamese welcome gate in Sydney (Photo: VNA)

The festival organizers said that the welcome gate was designed based on inspiration from the traditional Vietnamese gates with multi-layered dragon roofs.

The gate symbolizes entering a new world as well as opening opportunities for successful beginnings in the New Year. In the evenings, the gate is well lit in a brilliant and sparkling presentation.

The Sydney City Council considers the Vietnamese community in Sydney a truly dynamic community, not only quickly absorbing local culture but also enriching Australian society with many traditional identities.

The Vietnamese have contributed to all fields in Australia, from art and      politics to tourism and science.

Previously, on the occasion of the New Year of the Buffalo, Ms. Gladys Berejiklian, Governor of New South Wales State, which includes the city of Sydney and the largest number of Vietnamese people in Australia, sent New Year greetings to the local Vietnamese community.

She affirmed that the “Tet Nguyen Dan” Festival of the Vietnamese community in New South Wales is an important cultural event, an opportunity to show the cultural beauty of Vietnamese people along with delicious food and community spirit.

She also expressed her appreciation for the Vietnamese community’s contributions to New South Wales and the multicultural community there.

In a message of New Year greetings to communities with a tradition of celebrating the Lunar New Year living in Australia, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison opened his greetings in Vietnamese language./.