Information on mechanisms and policies of state to Vietnamese community in Malaysia

Tuesday, 08/11/2022 16:43
The delegation of the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs (SCOV) led by Deputy Chairman of the SCOV Mai Phan Dung recently visited and learned about the situation of the Vietnamese community living and working in Malaysia.

The delegation and representatives of some overseas Vietnamese associations and organizations in Malaysia (Photo: VNA) 

At meetings with representatives of overseas Vietnamese associations and organizations in Malaysia, Deputy Chairman Mai Phan Dung informed about policies of the state for overseas Vietnamese.

According to Mr. Mai Phan Dung, the National Assembly's Foreign Affairs Committee is monitoring the implementation of policies and laws for overseas Vietnamese. Within this framework, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will coordinate to organize seminars with localities to listen to overseas Vietnamese's opinions. The Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia needs to consider the possibility that the overseas Vietnamese community in Malaysia will participate in this seminar or gather their petitions and then send them to the domestic authorities.

At meetings with representatives of overseas Vietnamese associations and organizations in Malaysia, Mr. Dung informed about policies for overseas Vietnamese and listened to representatives sharing about difficulties and recommendations of overseas Vietnamese. On issues that can be resolved immediately, such as supporting textbooks, teaching materials for teaching Vietnamese language and sending art troupes to Malaysia to perform, the SCOV will soon respond. Any issue that has not been resolved, the SCOV will gather to report them to higher levels and propose solutions as well as give an early response to the overseas Vietnamese.

During the meetings, Ambassador Tran Viet Thai said that there are about 40,000-45,000 Vietnamese people living, working and studying in Malaysia. In general, overseas Vietnamese are industrious, hard-working, united, caring, increasingly integrating into the host country and constantly looking towards the homeland; however, their life and economy still face many difficulties.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia has always maintained a close relationship with the overseas Vietnamese community, focusing on protecting citizens, assisting in finding jobs for them, helping them to stabilize their lives, helping overseas Vietnamese preserve Vietnamese language and culture, integrate into the host country and look toward the homeland.

Mr. Dung suggested that the embassy continue to closely coordinate with the SCOV; focusing on organizing activities for overseas Vietnamese; increasing visits, encouragement, and interest in the aspirations of Vietnamese workers and brides in the host country; and creating favorable conditions for overseas Vietnamese to participate in activities organized by the SCOV./.