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This is the idea of Mr. Masahiko Yanai, 49, leader of the architectural design company Works-one in Osaka.

According to Works-one, motorbike is a popular means of transport in Vietnam and many Vietnamese in Japan want to have a motorcycle driving license in this country. However, in recent years, many Vietnamese people have faced difficulties in learning Japanese and as a result, they haven’t well prepared for the driving license exam. Meanwhile, in Japan there is no Vietnamese reference book on this issue.

Therefore, the Yomiuri reported that Mr. Yanai had raised the idea with Kobunsha publisher. Kobunsha immediately accepted this idea because in recent years the number of Vietnamese residing in Japan has continued to increase.

Mr. Yanai and a Vietnamese employee working at Works-one developed the outline for this Vietnamese-Japanese bilingual book.

The 256-page book explains Japan’s traffic rules in detail with illustrations, and has a price of 2,300 JPY (about 500,000 VND) per book.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Justice, by the end of June last year, there were about 420,000 Vietnamese people living in Japan, an increase of 3.3 times compared to the previous five years, while the total number of foreigners in this country only increased 1.3 times in the same period, to 2,886 million people./.