“Meet Ambassadors 2022” held by Vietnamese Embassy in Netherlands

Saturday, 11/06/2022 20:25
The Vietnamese Embassy in the Netherlands on June 7 organized the annual event “Meet Ambassadors 2022” between Ambassador Pham Viet Anh and 45 Dutch and Vietnamese businesses.

Vietnam – Netherlands boost cooperation in trade, logistics and sustainable energy projects

Delegates at the event (Photo: baoquocte.vn)

This model has been organized by the Embassy for a long time and received the attention of many Dutch businesses. After two years of suspension due to the pandemic, the number of Dutch businesses attending the meeting this year was larger, including businesses investing and doing business, and businesses looking for investment opportunities, in Vietnam.

Most of the delegates were members of the Dutch Business Association in Vietnam (DBAV) and the Netherlands - Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (NVCC) after these two organizations agreed to closely cooperate through a special mechanism since March 2022.

At the meeting, Ambassador Pham Viet Anh informed businesses about the encouraging figures in economic relations between the Netherlands and Vietnam. The Netherlands is Vietnam's second largest trading partner in the European Union (EU), with a two-way trade turnover of nearly 8.4 billion USD in 2021, and is Vietnam's largest investor from the EU with a total of accumulated registered capital of 10.480 billion USD with 381 projects.

Vietnam has seven investment projects in the Netherlands with a total registered capital of 34.976 million USD in Vietnam, of which the investment project of Vinfast is the largest, with a total registered capital of 32.130 million USD.

At the meeting, the Ambassador answered questions on many issues that businesses are interested in, such as policies to attract and encourage investment, development strategy for the Mekong Delta, agricultural development orientation, electricity transport infrastructure, the DPPA renewable energy pilot scheme and the impact of the circular economy on socio- economic life of Vietnam.

He welcomed Heineken Vietnam to participate in a direct power purchase agreement (DPPA) to move towards fully using clean electricity for production in Vietnam.

This is also the first time "Meet Ambassador 2022" has welcomed the participation of Vietnamese businesses investing in the Netherlands and Dutch businesses of Vietnamese origin. Many Dutch businesses are interested in the development of Vinfast and its business plans in the Netherlands.

The Ambassador highly appreciated Vinfast's initiative and pioneering when boldly reaching out to the world with the green development trend, especially when Vinfast is one of the few businesses that proactively take the lead in implementing Vietnam's commitments at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26) by encouraging the use of clean means of transport and gradually developing charging infrastructure in Vietnam.

He affirmed that the Embassy and the Trade Office Department always support activities of DBAV and NVCC for the common goal of the business community, and practically raise the level of trade and investment relations between the two countries. He also encouraged DBAV & NVCC to develop a cooperative relationship with VCCI Vietnam./.