Mother-tongue classes held for Vietnamese children in Qatar

Friday, 24/02/2023 16:25
The Vietnamese Embassy in Qatar, in collaboration with the Vietnamese Community Liaison Committee, on February 21 opened a Vietnamese class for children in the Vietnamese community in Qatar at the headquarters of the embassy.
Vietnamese Ambassador Tran Duc Hung speaking at the opening ceremony (Photo:

Speaking at the ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Qatar Tran Duc Hung emphasized that President Ho Chi Minh said that Vietnamese was a rich and beautiful language. As Vietnamese, we must know, love, use and preserve the beauty and purity of the Vietnamese language. This is especially meaningful for children of the Vietnamese community living and working abroad.

The organization of the Vietnamese class comes from the characteristics and needs of the Vietnamese community in Qatar, which is a young community, with children studying at international schools, with little opportunity to practice Vietnamese regularly in the host country. In addition, it also aims to promote Vietnamese language teaching and learning activities for Vietnamese children living and working in Qatar, encouraging the preservation and promotion of national cultural values.

At the opening ceremony, many parents of students said they were emotionally moved as their children began to attend a Vietnamese class for the first time in Qatar./.