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The event was attended by Mr. Vu Binh, Consul General of Vietnam in Fukuoka, in charge of the consular area including 8 southwestern provinces of Japan, and representatives of Japanese authorities, organizations and associations.

The establishment of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Miyazaki meets the long-standing desire of Vietnamese generations there for a "common home" that unites all classes of Vietnamese people living, studying and working in Miyazaki, as well as for mutual help, and to share experiences to have conditions for development and integration into the host society, together towards the homeland. The congress elected Ms. Hoang Thi Giang, staff of Kaigo Miyazaki Nakamura School as the President of the Overseas Vietnamese Association.

On this occasion, Ms. Giang presented the process of founding the Advocacy Board to establish the association and a number of activities of the Advocacy Board and the association have done in recent years, such as organizing Japanese classes, translating life guide document of the Miyazaki prefectural government for Vietnamese people, organizing football tournaments, donating to support trainees who have had accidents, providing medical advice during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the Advocacy Board committed to work with the Executive Board of the Association to build solidarity and make efforts to contribute to the building and development of the association in accordance with the principles and purposes stated in the association's Charter.

At the ceremony, a representative of the Miyazaki prefecture said that the establishment of the Overseas Vietnamese Association marked the maturity of the overseas Vietnamese community in Miyazaki. Particularly, Governor of Miyazaki prefecture Kono Shunji, and Mayor of Miyazaki city Tojiki Tadashi, sent congratulatory letters, expressing delight about the growth of the Vietnamese community, the largest expat community in the locality. At the same time, he highly appreciated the contributions of Vietnamese people to the socio-economic development of the prefecture over the past time.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Consul General Vu Binh believed that after its launch, the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Miyazaki would organize practical and meaningful activities to strengthen community solidarity, preserve and promote national identity and traditions, teach and learn Vietnamese, and introduce Vietnamese culture to people in Miyazaki Prefecture, making a worthy contribution to the extensive strategic partnership between the two countries./.