Safety bags prepared to distributed to cancer patients and residents in HCMC (Photo:

According to Secretary of the Binh Phuoc Provincial Youth Union Tran Quoc Duy, “The fanpage currently gathers more than 2,500 members with the same passion for succulents, most of whom are Vietnamese from several countries. Previously, they contributed nearly 73 million VND together with the Binh Phuoc Provincial Youth Union to donate agricultural products to the "pandemic center" of Ho Chi Minh City. In spite of living far from the homeland, the members of the fanpage living in Australia always look toward Vietnam and support people in pandemic-hit areas.

Earlier, Ms. Truong Thi Thanh Hien in Sadleir, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, the administrator of the fanpage, organized 22 succulent auctions on this fanpage, raising 97 million VND. Thus, the fanpage together with Binh Phuoc youth and some organizations, units and groups presented nearly 900 safety bags, worth 246.5 million VND, to the pandemic-hit area, including 102 households having cancer patients being treated at home in Binh Thanh district./.