Overseas Vietnamese in Thailand to set up world’s first Vietnam Town

Wednesday, 23/11/2022 10:09
The Vietnamese community in Thailand is promoting the establishment of the world's first Vietnam Town in Udon Thani.
Vietnamese food in Thailand (Photo: vnexpress.net) 

On the occasion of the meeting between President Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the Vietnamese community in Thailand on November 17, Vietnamese Ambassador to Thailand Phan Chi Thanh said that with the consent and support of the administration of Udon Thani province, overseas Vietnamese will open the first Vietnam Town in the world.

According to Ambassador Thanh, Thailand is one of the strategic areas, so the embassy has received great attention and investment in facilities and staff.

The Ambassador suggested that due to the needs of the people, Vietnam - Thailand will have to promote traffic connections between Northeast Thailand and Central Vietnam. At the same time, in spite of the large number of expatriates, there is no cultural center for activities, therefore, overseas Vietnamese want the President and the leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to encourage Thailand to build a cultural center.

Currently, overseas Vietnamese in Udon Thani are promoting to establish "Vietnam Town". Thanks to the consent and support of the Udon Thani authorities, the world's first "Vietnam Town" will soon be established. The Ambassador hopes to receive attention and direction from the Party, State and Government for this project.

Nguyen Ngoc Thin, President of the General Association of Vietnamese in Thailand, shared that the Vietnamese community in Thailand inherits the good characteristics of Vietnamese people, such as industry, tolerance, and wholehearted devotion for family, children, and friends.

According to Mr. Thin, the community has been integrating well with Thai society, consciously preserving the cultural traditions, maintaining the Vietnamese language. With the support of the Thai Government, cultural works and memorials imbued with Vietnamese identity have been built and preserved by local people. Mr. Thin called on the Vietnamese Government to pay more attention to launching Vietnamese language courses and work to enhance educational cooperation between the two countries.

Regarding the information of "Vietnam Town" being promoted in Udon Thani province, Mr. Thin said that according to the plan, this will first be the Vietnamese cuisine street, with the initial investment of about 3 million Baht.

Vietnamese cuisine is now very famous in Thailand because it is delicious and cheap, so it is popular with Thai people, Mr. Thin said.

According to Mr. Thin, in addition to Udon Thani, many provinces in Thailand are also planning to develop night markets and Vietnamese cuisine.

After hearing the recommendations of the Embassy and overseas Vietnamese, the President highly appreciated the results of the Embassy in recent years, and at the same time, thanked overseas Vietnames for their enthusiastic contributions to the country, especially during the pandemic. Thereby, the President reiterated the spirit of love, solidarity and sharing, especially in the difficulties of the nation.

Regarding the "Vietnam Town" being promoted and launched in the near future in Udon Thani province, the President asked Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son to study and propose./.