Poster of the program supporting Vietnamese students in Japan (Photo: VYSA)

Right from the first information on the pandemic, overseas Vietnamese students in Japan had a clear awareness of the danger of the pandemic, thanks to early access to official information sources from Vietnam and groups of Vietnamese people around the world.

Information on how to prevent the disease, developments of COVID-19 in Japan, and medical support for Vietnamese people in Japan via hotline is regularly updated through the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan, Consulate, Vietnamese Intellectual Association in Japan, and Vietnam Youth and Student Association in Japan (VYSA).

When the pandemic broke out strongly in Japan, many overseas Vietnamese students were brought home. However, some Vietnamese students still staying in Japan face difficulties such as unemployment, losing part-time jobs, and reduced income, while the cost of rent, living, electricity and water remains unchanged.

In this context, practical support programs for overseas Vietnamese students, such as the COVID-19 Season Community Housing Project co-organized by the Vietnamese Embassy and the Vietnamese Buddhist Association in Japan; and the project "Supporting free accommodation" launched by VYSA Kyoto, have helped many Vietnamese students in Japan.

According to the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan, there are more than 380,000 Vietnamese people living, studying or working in Japan, 83,000 of whom are students. While COVID-19 is still developing unpredictably, the overseas Vietnamese student community needs practical support programs to continue their study abroad.

Accordingly, the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan has cooperated with Japan’s MUFG Bank to carry out a support program for overseas Vietnamese students from specialized schools, colleges, universities and postgraduate facilities in Japan.

It is hoped that through the program, overseas Vietnamese students will have more confidence to conquer their study dreams.

Overseas Vietnamese students in Japan can access more official information about the program at the website of the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan and register for approval./.