Provisional Vietnamese Business Association in China promotes introduction of commercial products

Wednesday, 25/05/2022 15:34
The Provisional Vietnamese Business Association in China in collaboration with the Department of Commerce of China’s Shandong province has organized an online conference to promote the introduction of Vietnamese-Chinese commercial products from May 23-31.

Vietnam's dairy products displayed for sale at a supermarket of China (Photo: PANO)

The conference is expected to be attended by 300 Chinese enterprises and about 100 Vietnamese businesses.

In which, more than 200 Chinese enterprises want to introduce and export products such as machinery and equipment, industrial products, construction materials, labor protection equipment, clothes, fabrics, furniture, handicrafts and home decoration, to the Vietnamese market.

At the same time, a dozen typical Vietnamese entrepreneurs are selected to introduce their Vietnamese products to the Chinese market. Accordingly, each meeting room includes a chairperson, an interpreter, and Vietnamese businesses introduce their products to 20-50 Chinese importers and distributors. Vietnam’s agricultural products are dried fruits, coffee and cashew nuts.

The provisional Vietnamese Business Association in China will provide full support in terms of translation, legal, trademark protection registration and international trade for inexperienced Vietnamese businesses./.