The headquarters of the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia (Photo:

Previously, the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia had cooperated with related agencies to successfully organize two flights to bring Vietnamese citizens in Indonesia home in April and July.

To continue to update the list of the demand of Vietnamese citizens in prioritized groups and foreigners allowed to enter Vietnam to report to domestic authorities to have suitable support plans, the Vietnamese Embassy asks Vietnamese citizens in Indonesia to register their aspirations of returning home through the following form:

Vietnamese citizens in Indonesia should register their exact information and register before October 10, 2020. In addition, they update the following reports through their email and Facebook:

The prioritized people to be brought home include children under 18 years old, the elderly, the sick, workers whose contracts have expired, students without accommodation due to dormitory closure, and travelers stuck in Indonesia.

If having any questions or in need of urgent help, Vietnamese citizens are asked to send a message via Whatsapp to phone number +62811161025 or contact the email address: or

Previously, the Vietnamese Embassy in Indonesia cooperated with the domestic authorities and relevant agencies of the host country to safely bring home 322 Vietnamese citizens./.