ASEAN ambassadors to Rome, Italy (Photo: VNA)

This is an annual traditional activity of ACR to strengthen exchange among families of representative agencies of ASEAN countries in Italy, contributing to build a united and shared ASEAN community imbued with its identity.

This event was organized in an agricultural tourist area to help the families, especially families having children, have a chance to be close to nature, as well as contribute to natural love for the children.

Speaking at the event, Filipino Ambassador to Italy and Chairman of ACR Domingo P. Nilasco said that the ASEAN Family Day was organized annually so that the staff and their families of ASEAN embassies in Rome can meet and understand more about each other and enhance their friendship and solidarity. He also said that the close relations among the ASEAN countries and peoples are emphasized with the 2019 declaration - ASEAN Cultural Year.             

According to the Filipino Ambassador, 2019 is an opportunity to honour the richness and diversity of ASEAN culture. Through events, cultural exchange activities will help people of each member country become more aware of ASEAN's identity and contribute to building a closer, tighter and stronger ASEAN community.

The event attracted the participation of 150 people, including Ambassadors and officials, staff of embassies and other representative agencies of ASEAN countries in Rome. This was also a chance for ASEAN countries to introduce their unique foods to the regional friends.

Apart from that, the event also organized a lot of games, which were participated and encouraged enthusiastically by the participants./.