Russian delegates at the event (Photo:

The event is part of a series of activities to mark the 74th anniversary of National Day of Vietnam and in response to Vietnam - Russia Cross Friendship Year.

“Vietnam Food and Culture Day”, which was first held in Ekaterinburg city, introduced famous traditional dishes from regions of Vietnam, and dances in traditional costumes of Vietnamese people. The visitors also had a chance to learn more about Vietnam’s cultural features and landscapes through a photo exhibition.

The event took place at the same time as the cultural day of ethnic groups in the Ural region, so it attracted thousands of visitors to enjoy food and participate in activities organized on the "Vietnam Food and Culture Day". 

There were 10 owners of businesses and restaurants registering to introduce and promote Vietnamese culture and food, including Organic coffee company from Vietnam to introduce Vietnamese coffee flavor. Vietnam’s famous traditional dishes were served free, such as spring rolls and noodle soup, which created surprise and love among Russian friends.

Speaking at the event, Consul General Ngo Phuong Nghi emphasized that Vietnam’s culture has a history of thousands of years. Through many changes of time, along with socio-economic development, cultural identities have been preserved and promoted, containing the good values of Vietnamese people. Many tangible and intangible cultural heritages of Vietnam have been recognized as masterpieces of humanity by UNESCO.

The organization of the event on this occasion marked the maturity of the Vietnamese community in Ekaterinburg city in particular and in the Ural region in general. Recently, the Vietnamese community there has become a member of the Council of Ethnic Groups of the Ural region, comprising 30 ethnic groups. This has excited Vietnamese people living there.

The Vietnamese community there is known not only for expertise and professionalism in the field of goods trading, but also gradual transformation of business models, establishment of businesses, opening of restaurants and coffee shops to create not only jobs for themselves, but also for local people.

The event also shows the responsibility of the Vietnamese community for the ethnic groups in the Ural region and solidarity to contribute to the common development of Russia as well as to boost the Vietnam - Russia traditional friendship./.