Ambassador Le Thi Tuyet Mai and delegates at the event (Photo:

The Ao Dai performance and other products of Vietnam displayed at the event such as silk, handicrafts and souvenirs impressed visitors.

The cultural diversity and richness of the Asian region have been displayed vividly and colorfully at the festival through performances of national costumes, music and art performances, and products such as textiles, souvenirs and cuisine of countries.

The Vietnamese Mission in Geneva performed Ao Dai, unique silk products and fine art products such as embroidery paintings, lacquer paintings, and typical souvenirs of the One Pillar Pagoda, bronze drums, paper fans, lanterns and decorative cards.

In addition, the Vietnamese Mission also organized lucky draw activities and donated gifts to increase the attractiveness for their booth. The festival was held on the occasion of Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20, so it became a meaningful event to introduce the national identity, culture and people of Vietnam to international women and friends.

According to the Organizing Board, the festival attracted nearly 1,000 visitors. All proceeds from ticket sales, sales and sponsorships would be donated to the Afghanistan Charity Foundation to support the country's women and children.

The festival is also the opening event for cultural promotion activities at WIPO headquarters after a long pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic./.