Vietnamese ambassador discusses agricultural cooperation with Dutch enterprises

Friday, 19/08/2022 16:11
Vietnamese Ambassador to the Netherlands Pham Viet Anh visited and worked with Schippers Group to discuss cooperation in the field of agriculture, especially sustainable livestock.
Ambassador Pham Viet Anh (third from left) and leaders of Schippers Group (Photo: 

Schippers Group has developed from a family company, established in 1966, specializing in the production and export of sanitary products in livestock and poultry farming, such as cleaning materials, machinery, disinfectant and veterinary medicine.

At the meeting, Mr. Mark Schippers, CEO of Schippers Group, emphasized that the group not only provides products to dry the barn, disinfect and clean animals, prevent diseases, and veterinary drugs, but also total solutions on hygiene in livestock, called HyCare.

If done correctly, HyCare significantly reduces disease, even without the use of antibiotics in livestock. HyCare products have been tested and proven effective from practical applications in raising pigs and chickens at Schippers' farms since 2015.

After nearly three years of research and looking for partners, the Group opened a representative office in Hanoi in July 2022 to expand its business network.

During the working session, Ambassador Pham Viet Anh and leaders of the group openly shared about the challenges and opportunities in Vietnam's livestock industry, about the hot and humid tropical market and Vietnam's habits in this field.

Group leaders expressed their determination to penetrate the Vietnamese market, although there are still many difficulties, especially in changing awareness about the use of antibiotics in livestock.

Ambassador Pham Viet Anh also introduced to the group a number of Dutch companies that have approached the market and have had certain successes in Vietnam, such as De Heus and Agriterra, and suggested that they can be contacted through the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as the Vietnam Cooperative Union, to quickly introduce the products of the group to a large number of consumers./.