Mr. Ho Anh Tuan (Photo: VNA)

The program was launched by Moscow authorities in early September and it has vaccinated over 6,000 people, including local people and citizens from many countries.

Mr. Ho Anh Tuan, a Vietnamese citizen from the central province of Nghe An, Vietnam, who has worked in Russia for ten years, is one of the first Vietnamese people registering to join the program.

Mr. Tuan said that before getting vaccinated, volunteers undergo blood, urine and nasopharyngeal fluid tests in line with medical regulations of the country. Of the nearly 20 Vietnamese registering for testing, 11 were eligible and have been vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19.

Tuan said that after the vaccination, his health was stable.

Doctor Maria Skabrovna who supported the Vietnamese volunteers said all of the people who have been tested have stable health; some have had initial reactions to the vaccine such as sneezing and low-grade fever.

She said that the vaccination process will be conducted in two phases with two injections, the second injection will be conducted 21 days after the first one. People who are vaccinated will develop an antiviral mechanism against COVID-19, thanks to antibodies produced by the vaccine.

The doctor said that they will be monitored and examined for health within 180 days of vaccination.

The vaccination program for economic purposes, launched by the Moscow authority in early September at nearly 20 medical facilities, is considered one of the measures to help local authorities quickly curb the spread of COVID-19. It is part of the large-scale trial study of the Sputnik V vaccine in Russia after the vaccine was licensed in August.

The mass production of the Sputnik V vaccine is expected to take place in January 2021./.